What is Mundane Astrology?

When you think of astrology, the sun sign astrology you read in the newspaper usually comes to your mind. But when you chat with an astrologer online for free, it may surprise you that it is just an introduction to astrology, and there is so much more to it. Get into the actual depth of astrology, and you will see that it covers nearly every subject under the Sun.

Now, what is mundane astrology? It is the study of the essential human life experiences applied to cities, states, countries, and the world. The principles and interpretation of the chart remain the same as when you read an individual’s chart. But the principles are applied to the broader spectrum of experience. You choose appropriate words to describe the application of these principles. Under mundane astrology, some categories you can predict are weather, climate, wars, politics, and natural disasters.

The main focus is on planets and houses to analyze the mundane application. The planets are either beneficial or unfavorable to the happening. The signs describe the mannerisms and attitudes. Aspect answers why a thing is happening. We will see how the planet’s nature is applicable to analyzing a country, its citizens, and the government. 

The Sun:

It is the heart of our solar system, whose gravitational force holds the entire system together. Astrologersand elsewhere will tell you that the Sun represents the identity of a country and its citizens. The central gravitational force of the Sun holds everything together. This quality of the Sun lets you know if the country can stand one as a whole or not. The main person responsible for the country, which could be the prime minister, the president, or the king, is denoted by the Sun.

The Moon:

The Moon represents home, family, feelings, emotions, and memory. It illustrates how you protect, care, nurture, and react. It talks about the country’s people and their feelings. Your memory of prior experiences determines how you respond to any situation. The larger picture of the nation talks about shelter and safety, agriculture and water resources, and financial security, leading to emotional stability. Economic instability may lead to the fear, self-protective, reactive aspect of our emotions, analyzed by studying the Moon.


Mercury represents the backbone of a nation, the youth. Mercury represents education, transportation, communication, data, neighborhood, and local issues. It rules the basics of the learning process. It is vital to understand the people’s mood as it represents the press, media, opinion polls, marches, meetings, and grassroots movements, to name a few.


Venus represents luxury, sensual pleasure, and beauty and may incline towards greed. Combined with Taurus, it stands for comfort, food, water, shelter, and stability. Venus in Libra denotes people, partnerships, associations, and cooperation. Concerning a country, it stands for financial status and interest of the State and society, social values, and stability in societal relationships. All art forms representing artists, actors, entertainers, fashion influencers, and the women of a country are other aspects of Venus.


It is an essential planet and can predict if a nation’s peace, security, and harmony are in danger. You can see wars, their effects, crime, weapons, and terrorism that could completely disturb a country. At the same time, your astrologer can also analyze the army, police, and peace-maintaining forces by studying Mars. A country’s aggressive, assertive, or neutral nature can also be checked by considering Mars.


Widening and expansion are the principles of Jupiter. If Mercury is the essential learning step, Jupiter stands for higher, more extensive learning concepts. It identifies with philosophy, religion, God, law, promotion, publicity, and cultural relations. The principles of Jupiter make us work, stretch to achieve more, and reach greater heights. It also stands for social service and influences the upper crust of the citizens.


Saturn sets a limit we should not cross in society. It represents the traditional, conservative, organized, well-structured human experience. It rules all the bodies that control and set rules and regulations to have a well-structured and lawful society. Hence, it rules the government, various institutions and governing bodies, infrastructure, bureaucracies, and law bodies. 

The three outer planets were not discovered and were not a part of ancient mundane astrology. Their roles are being studied, and many astrologers follow the old method with seven planets. Others use the newly discovered planets. It is left to the discretion of the astrologers what they observe.

Now that you know the basics of mundane astrology, take its help whenever you want to know or analyze a bigger picture or world affairs. Your astro chat will help you with an in-depth analysis of any such issues. 

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