We’ve got you covered if you’re new to vaping or want to pick up some new skills. We’ll go through some of the best and easiest vape tricks that you can perform to wow your friends and family. Smoking has significantly fewer options than vaping. Cigarette smoke is frequently weak and uninteresting, while vape clouds are thick and strong, enabling you to perform simple yet fascinating feats.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re a novice trying to improve your vaping experience. Using well-known gadgets like the Elf Bar 5000 puffs and the Pod Salt Go 2500 puffs, we’ll examine the top 8 simple vape hacks in this guide.

Basic Vape Tricks

Let’s go over the fundamentals before we get into the tricks:

Exhalation methods:

The majority of vape tricks call for a gradual, even exhalation. To achieve greater results, practise controlled exhalation.

Vaping device

Due to its simplicity of use and dependable performance, the Elf Bar 5000 puffs and Pod Salt Go 2500 puffs make fantastic choices for novices.

E-Liquid Options:

For denser clouds that are perfect for vape tricks, select an e-liquid with a greater VG (vegetable glycerin) percentage.


“The Ghost” is a simple but effective trick also known as Mushroom Cloud or Snap Inhale. Here’s how to go about it:

Take in a good deal of vapour.

Do not breathe in while letting it rest in your mouth for a little while.

Exhale the cloud of vapour quickly.

breathes quickly back in the vapour cloud.

The  Dragon:

A nice vape trick for beginners is “The Dragon.” It has a dramatic, intricate appearance and will impress your friends. Here is a fantastic video that explains and executes this trick. This trick’s name is really descriptive since you will resemble a dragon when vape clouds come out of your nose and mouth’s edge.

Steps to follow:

Using your gadget, inhale.

In order to produce a “dragon-like” impression, exhale the vapour firmly through your nose and the corners of your lips at the same time.

The Vapour Bubble:

Steps to follow:

blow a thick cloud of vapour onto a flat surface.

Tap the cloud’s top gently to create a vapour bubble.

The O-Ring:

Steps to follow:

Using your device, moderately drag the lever.

Make the letter “O” using your lips.

To make an O-ring, exhale a small amount of vapour through your throat rather than your lungs.


It takes no expertise to do the incredible trick known as “The Waterfall.” It gives the vapour a watery appearance and causes it to float from a water bottle.

The guidelines are as follows:

Take a water bottle that has some frozen water in the bottom of it.

Take a puff of your e-liquid.

Exhale the water bottle’s interior vapours.

Impress your buddies by pouring the bottle!


Steps to follow:

Create a big vape cloud and let it fall to the ground.

To produce a tornado effect, swiping the cloud up with your palm in a circular motion will work.

The French Inhale

Steps to follow:

Take a mouthful of vapour inhalation.

To let the vapour out, slightly open your mouth.

As the vapour rises, breathe it in via your nose.


The fantastic technique “The Bane” is really easy to do. It takes its name from the antagonist Bane from The Dark Knight because, when performed correctly, the vapour will resemble his mask. This technique will dazzle all of your Batman-loving pals. The guidelines are as follows:

Take a pull from your vaporizer and retain the vapour in your mouth’s bottom.

Make your upper lips touch the bottom row of teeth. You can accomplish this by pushing your jaw out.

Through your teeth and tongue, force the vapours.

Inhale through your nose any vapour that is leaving your mouth.

Keep in mind that practise makes perfect. If you don’t master these tricks straight away, don’t give up. If you take your time, you’ll soon be wowing your buddies with your improved vaping abilities.

To sum up, vaping is about more than simply giving up smoking; it’s also about enjoying yourself and having fun. You can master vape tricks with the correct equipment, such as the Elf Bar 5000 puffs or the Pod Salt Go 2500 puffs, with some practise. Grab your device and some e-juice now, and start learning these simple vape tricks!

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